6-9 March 2024 in The Reading Room, Ovingham

Ovingham Drama Group presented a brand-new production of Aladdin as our annual springtime pantomime for 2024, based on a new script written specially for us by Dan Hodgson.

In the distant Sultanate of Flemm, a young, handsome street urchin named Aladdin dreams of love, fortune, and escaping from his problems. Then, one sunny day with not a cloud in the sky, he meets a beautiful stranger, the mysterious Betty, and at least one of those dreams looks like coming true. Until he discovers that Betty is really the Princess Jasmine, and if he is to have any chance of winning her hand he needs to make a fortune – and quickly. As a poor boy with nothing to lose, Aladdin soon finds himself throwing in his lot with the evil alchemist Al-Khali who promises him great riches at little cost.

But there are deeper, base schemes calcifying around Al-Khali – and he always seems to have one further trick up his sleeve (or on the soles of his shoes). And despite having fairies, genies, and the power of a magic lamp on his side, Aladdin (you can call him Al) may soon find himself trapped in troubled waters that even he cannot bridge…

Four merry audiences came to Ovingham Reading Room in March 2024 (OH YES THEY DID) for an evening of comedy, puns, and laughter, and cheered on Aladdin and his friends as they tried to successfully outwit Al-Khali.

Performance details

We put on four productions of Alladin: three evening shows at 7.30pm on 6, 7, and 8 March, and a special Saturday afternoon children’s matinee at 2.00pm on 9 March.