8 – 11 March 2023, at The Reading Room, Ovingham

Mamma mia! It’s Cindabbarella!

Cinderella met Abba in this pantomime by Dan Hodgson, which we put on in March 2023 featuring our characteristic blend of hilarious comedy, excruciating puns, and a generous helping of Abba songs.

Sometimes we need to take a chance, and so does Cinderella. She dreams of romance, but lives a miserable life tormented by her mean stepsisters (boo!) and her even meaner stepmother (BOO! HISS!). Until one day, like an angel passing through her room, Fairy Mary comes along and transports Cinderella to a ball thrown by mad king Ludvig in honour of his son, Prince Ferdinand. But will Fairy Mary’s help be enough to make Cinderella the dancing queen? Will Ferdinand hear the drums of romance and lay all his love on her? Or will she meet her Waterloo at the hands of her stepsisters? Our audidences came to the Reading Room in March 2023 to find out if the winner takes it all. Knowing me, knowing you, they all had a great time.

Performance details

We put on four performances of Cinderella in March 2023: three evening performances at 7:30 pm on 8, 9, and 10 March 2023, and a Saturday afternoon matinee at 2:00 pm on 11 March, all held in the Reading Room, Ovingham.