7.30 pm on 11, 12, and 14 October in The Reading Room, Ovingham

Ovingham Drama Group were proud to present a revival of Arnold Ridley’s classic 1923 play, The Ghost Train in October 2023.

A group of passengers and a parrot find themselves stranded overnight in the waiting room of Fal Vale, an isolated train station on a remote Cornish branch line. They find some consolation in each other’s company and in heaping opprobium on Teddy, the amiable but hoplessly buffoonish Hooray Henry whose ill-considered actions caused them to miss their connection.

But all is not what it seems to be in Fal Vale. Soon, the stationmaster begins to try to persuade them to leave, claiming that the station is haunted by a phantasmal train, the spectral ghost of a passenger service wrecked in a tragic disaster many years ago. And then a mysterious stranger arrives, insisting that the train will arrive that very night – and that to see it means death…!

Is there any truth to the legend of the ghost train? Will the passengers make it safely through the night? We were joined in the Reading Room by an enthusiastic and supportive audience for three evening of thrills, suspense, and humour, to find out what deep secrets lurk beneath the calm facade of Fal Vale.